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"Do You Desperately Wish There Was Something...Anything, That Would Take Away This Nagging Desire, This Fear of 'Losing' Cigarettes... Something That Would Give You Ultimate Power Over Your Addiction, and Not the Other Way Around?"

From the desk of: Lesley Huntley
Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dear Fellow Soon to be Ex-Smoker,

If you have tried everything to quit smoking, including Zyban, Patches, Hypnotism, Cold Turkey, Gum etc etc, then I don't blame you for being skeptical of this system. If you are anything like me, everything you tried failed to help you quit, and you are worried this is just another round of BS you are being fed.

Well, I used to be just like you, and all I ask is you please give me a few moments of your time to show you I have discovered something truly amazing, and this may be the most important letter you have ever read.

Here's why:

Because I have just released my powerful new quit smoking method called "The Successfully Stop System." It uses simple psychological tactics to completely rewire your thought patterns on smoking. It will completely change the way you feel about cigarettes and smokers, and fly in the face of anything you ever thought you knew about cigarettes and smoking.

Sound complicated? On the contrary, this is the easiest, quickest, cheapest and most pain free method you will ever discover to break free from your little monkey!

I was a bit wary of the course before I ordered, I thought maybe it was just someone trying to make a quick buck by selling a yet another quit smoking course that was not going to help me. I was definitely wrong with my initial judgement. The website and digital report have been a massive help in my quit smoking efforts, the system provided is priceless.

Being a member has given me the ongoing support I needed and I look forward to helping other new members as they join.

If you are unsure about spending money on this I'd say just go for it, it's a small investment when you consider the long term benefits of quitting smoking.

Susan Thomas
Clayfield, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

"Have You Tried Every Single Thing Imagineable to Quit Smoking, (Gum, Patch, Pills, Cold Turkey, Scare Tactics etc) But Still Fear 'Giving Up' Smoking So Much, You've Lost All Confidence In Your Ability?"

Give Me Just 57 minutes, And I Will Completely Rewire Your Thought Patterns On Smoking. In Just One Session, 17 Out of 18 Smokers Are Left Wondering How They Ever Even Thought About Smoking in the First Place, the Idea Seems So Rediculous! Yes, it is That Powerful!

This Time, You Will No Longer Wish to Run Down and Wrestle the Cigarette Out of the Nearest Smoker's Fingers. This Time, You Will Feel Nothing for Cigarettes, Smokers and Smoking at ALL!!

Imagine sitting down to read this book and by the time you have finished, your desire to ever smoke another cigarette has completely vanished.

Wouldn't this be absolutely fantastic?!

How about if your resolution to stay quit increasedover the following months instead of waning, wouldn't that be incredible?

What about if you could switch feelings of loss for those of empowerment in the knowledge you are free from the possibility of being the one in three smokers who die in a way they won't like much. Wouldn't this be a massive weight off your shoulders?

Imagine for one second you are free from the need to inhale carcinogenic fumes into your soft pink lung tissue ever again. What if this opportunity was now open to you?

And finally, what if you could wake a week from now, inhale a deep lungful of cool air and know you never have to jam one of those disgusting, stinky, evil cancer causing butts in your mouth again, simply to get your 'fix.' Imagine the cravings for nicotine are totally non-existant anymore and your 'addiction' has actually been embarrassingly easy to fight.

The thing is, it IS possible and this opportunity is right before you, all you need to do is reach out and take it.

That's exactly the gift this system will give you.

"I have been meaning to email you for ages and thank you so very much for your book. I have stopped for over three months and truly feel fabulous. I actually still can't believe I have stopped as I have tried so many methods and so many times and honestly thought smoking was ingrained in me.

"I have used hypnotism, patches, gum, Zyban (that was TERRIBLE), read Alan Carr and another couple of books as well and nothing has made me see sense until your fabulous book.

"Thank goodness I have stopped. Hurrah! I am just so happy, words don't do any justice at all.

"Thank you once again Lesley you have honestly changed my life (this whole email sounds cheesy but it's true!).

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Kind Regards
Hannah Smith
North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

Here are just SOME of the issues covered in this amazing resource:

How quitting smoking had nothing to do with 'willpower' or 'addiction' and the one single thing it has everything to do with. Once you make this powerful connection, quitting becomes embarrassingly easy.

How some countries would go bankrupt if everyone were to actually quit cigarettes. The clever way the government uses human's inherent rebellious nature to keep us smoking and paying around 80% tax on every packet.

The very first thing you need to deal with in order to succeed this time. How if this one important step is missed you are almost guaranteed to fail once again.

Your single most important ally in your quit efforts. How if this industry secret got out, cigarette and Nicotine Replacement companies would go bankrupt overnight. Why they want to keep you in fear so you do not find this out for yourself.

Why the common reasons for quitting smoking (cancer, heart disease, the constant reek of cigarettes) is still not enough to make people quit smoking, and how to find out exactly what does work for you.

How society makes us such easy targets for cigarette companies. Why humans are so easily convinced smoking is a good idea.

How much simpler every aspect of your life will be, if you just give yourself a chance to be free from nicotine.

How cutting down is the worst possible thing you can do and only the most evil sadist would suggest something so insane. Why this method is the worst possible method of quitting cigarettes, and gives away even more power than quitting cold turkey (and that's saying something).

How smoking can put up to two thirds of members of the opposite sex virtually off limits to you, and how if they do decide to let you into their lives, cigarettes will throw a series of spanners in the works for you both.

How smoking is the single most destructive habit a human can have and when it comes to total devastation, smoking has no equal. An entire chapter on how to start mending the damage you have done.

How quitting smoking now could mean you spend a good portion of your life on your own personal yacht, rather than attached to a machine in a hospital.

Discover how smoking cigarettes directly before bed can lead to restless and unfulfilling nights sleep and how this in itself can cause health problems of its own.

How past failures can be your greatest asset in this final quit.

How to prepare for the most dangerous phase of your quit and what to do so your chances of failure are greatly diminished.

How Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) will NOT help you to quit and how it actually has the exact opposite effect. How the fact these clever salespeople have managed to convince us the way to quit a drug, is to replace it with the exact same drug, is quite extraordinary.

What the Successfully Stop System is NOT:

The Successfully Stop System is NOT cold turkey. The dramatically high failure rate of this method is due to the fact quitters have not dealt with their underlying reasons for smoking, before they undertake this drastic method. Their addiction has all the power, because they have not addressed any of the issues that cause them to smoke in the first place (an essential component of a stress free quit)! The Successfully Stop System empowers YOU, not nicotine.

Successfully Stop Smoking is NOT 'Aversion Therapy,' where all the reasons you should quit are simply listed for you. I understand you know youshould quit, so I am not going to insult your intelligence by even going there.

It does NOT require Nicotine Replacement Therapy. NRT peddlers are just as evil as cigarette company executives, as they are making just as much money at the expense of the false hope they peddle. The physical cravings for nicotine last for less than three days, and are the least of a smokers worries, yet they have you on their potions for months! Nothing is done to help you over your psychological dependence (which the Successfully Stop System deals with almost exclusively), so of COURSE you will fail! What incredible salesmen they are to sell us the lie you can quit a drug by replacing it with the very same drug! Quite astounding!

It requires no potions or pills - including the ones that have a list of side effects a mile long! With one popular prescription people have reported along with a slight decrease in nicotine cravings a loss of appetite, insomnia, mouth sores, muscle twitching, stomach cramps, palpitations, visual sensitivity to bright light... etc etc.

It does not require replacing smoking with… well… smoking… or at least very close to it. Nicotine inhalers or e-cigarettes for example, give a feeling of inhaling that’s familiar to smoking. Convincing people replacing the action of smoking cigarettes, as well as replacing nicotine, is going to help them quit cigarettes and nicotine, is an absolutely incredible feat of marketing. All that's happening is you now fund yet another group of nicotine peddler’s trips to the Bahamas this year, while being no closer to quitting cigarettes yourself!

It does not require hypnotherapy. I’ve tried hypnotherapy, and while I understand for some, having someone wave their hand around and tell them they don’t want to smoke over and over is a very real answer (which is fine for them), it was not for me.

The Successfully Stop System does NOT require you to stop doing anything you like to do (coffee, poker, social activities etc). This impossible advice is handed out on other quit methods and is nothing but an unnecessary cause of stress. As long as you carry out one all important first step there is absolutely no reason for you to stop doing anything you like doing.

The Successfully Stop System does not require any of the above. All it requires is you want to quit smoking. That’s all. No tricks, no gimmicks, nothing else to buy. You just have to want to stop smoking. That’s it.

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I know exactly how you are feeling right now.

I felt exactly the same every time I used to contemplate quitting my 'best friend,' my 'rock,' the only thing I could really rely on to help me through my stressful job, my busy life.

Because I started smoking full time when I was 16 years old I smoked right through my formative years. Smoking was such a massive part of me I had no idea what to be or how to act without smoking. Once a smoker, always a smoker I thought.

Every day I would wake and a fag would be in my mouth before I was even properly awake. I would get up just long enough to make a coffee where I would settle back into bed and light another. I would get at least three in before I even got out of bed.

When I finally realised enough was enough, I was self employed so it wasn't far to my computer, where I would work all day with a constant coffee and cigarette. There was always a cigarette burning in the ashtray.

I had no idea how I was going to escape something so ingrained in my life.

I knew I had to quit, I was painfully aware of my smokers cough, yellow teeth, smelly clothes, car and house. I knew it was killing me slowly but surely. I would have had to live on MARS to not know I SHOULD quit smoking.

We should stop smoking. Well duh.

I mean, we all know the FACTS. We all know why we SHOULD.

We all know smoking kills westerners like it’s going out of fashion (in a variety of interesting ways) and wreaks all sorts of other misfortunes on those who participate. We all (yes ALL), secretly or otherwise want to be free from the little monkey that is nicotine addiction.

These are a few good reasons why we SHOULD stop right now and just a few of the things you have to look forward to on the leafy non-smoking path:

20 minutes after you stop smoking, your heart rate slows down to a calm, steady beat, lowering your blood pressure.

Eight to twelve hours later, the dangerous carbon monoxide smoking causes in your blood has now dropped to a normal level. Carbon monoxide causes flu-like symptoms – from everyday fatigue to headaches, sleepiness, and nausea.

In 24 hours, your body is completely free of carbon monoxide and your lungs start to evict mucous and smoking build-up.

Two days later, your heart attack risk is lower and continues to decline over the next three months. You’ll suddenly notice you don’t need as much salt (thanks to a return in the sensitivity of your taste buds) – and the air smells fresh (now your sense of smell has returned).

Three days later you might feel like going for a jog – because your energy is going to skyrocket due to your bronchial tubes beginning to relax.

After the first month, you have fewer instances of that annoying, hacking smoker’s cough because your bronchial tubes are on the mend. Whenever your bronchial tubes are irritated, they produce excess mucus, so eliminate the cigarettes, and you say goodbye to the need to clear your throat constantly.

Your gift at the first anniversary of quitting is your risk of coronary heart disease becomes half of what you risked as a smoker. Smoking no longer raises your heart rate, putting yourself in immediate danger of having a heart attack every time you light up.

Make it to your fifth year smoke-free and your risk of stroke is the same as a non-smoker.

In ten years, your lungs become stronger and your chances of dying from lung cancer are only half as great as if you continued to smoke. Any precancerous cells that were developing in your lungs will simply disappear.

In 15 years your risk of a heart attack falls to that of someone who has never smoked.

Everyone knows these are the benefits, yet we still smoke.

We are all aware of the intriguing diseases it causes:

Due to the long-term exposure to inhaled carcinogens – you are 22 times more likely to develop lung cancer. This was a disease that barely existed before smoking.

If you start to cough up blood due to the surface of the cancer leaking into your airway – get to the hospital. They’ll snip through your ribs with a bolt cutter and operate toot suite.

Sufferers of emphysema (85% of which are smokers) describe the symptoms of this disease as similar to drowning, a wet heavy feeling in their lungs they are never quite able to cough up. The resulting oxygen tank they find themselves attached to is a slight passion killer, as well making tasks such as dressing an interesting experience, never mind working, visiting, driving or travel.

Ever choked on anything or found it hard to breathe in any way? How did that make you feel, afraid? Nothing in comparison to this smoking related illness apparently.

Then, to top it all off, due to the lack of oxygen to your brain you are constantly tired, irritable and lack concentration. The high level of carbon dioxide in your blood leads to sleeplessness and headaches.

Emphysema sounds like just an all round fun disease to contract.

Other cancers (such as of the pancreas, kidney, and bladder), are far more common in smokers. Smoking makes it 2 to 4 times more likely you will get heart disease, andtwice as likely you will have a stroke.

Stroke victims will tell you just how much fun one of those are, if they can still talk.

And these are just some of the diseases you have to look forward to if you continue to smoke.

Smokers also open themselves up to a whole host of other interesting ailments as well as the fatal ones
(and the ones they cause others):

Gum disease, Muscle injuries, Angina (20 x risk), Neck pain, Back pain, Osteoporosis (in both sexes), Cataract (2 x risk), Erectile dysfunction, Pneumonia, Depression, Psoriasis (2 x risk), Diabetes (Type 2, non-insulin dependent), Hearing loss, Stomach ulcer, Influenza, Rheumatoid arthritis (for heavy smokers), Impotence due to a narrowing of the blood vessels (2 x risk), Tendon injuries, Tooth loss, Tuberculosis... just to name a few.

While these are not always life threatening, they still cause years of discomfort, annoyance and pain. And after visiting my 26 year old sister in hospital for two weeks with pneumonia over Christmas and New Years...

I can tell you it is no fun for your family to see you like this either.

One interesting day the doctor gave her an injection, and because she has very sensitive veins the solution burned right up her arm. She was in terrible pain but unable to take the deep breaths needed to get herself through it. Every time she tried to breathe in her whole body convulsed in agony. She ended up only being able to take tiny sips of air and proceeded to go blue.

The nurse’s attitude was very relaxed as he saw it every day and this was nothing to him. It was something to me though. The fear in my sister’s eyes had managed to set off my own full blown panic and I ran out to scream down the corridor for someone to help my sister she can’t breathe, she’s *@%!n dying.

While I was out of the room having conniptions the nurse casually unpacked the oxygen mask and eventually got her breathing again. I came back in, sat down and tried to act nonchalant like I hadn’t just had kittens (my family still gives me a hard time about it, bless them).

But I can tell you, it was the longest 120 seconds of my life.

This is something she (or I) never wants to experience ever again.

Everyone knows these are the risks, yet we still smoke.

We all realize it is harmful to our health, it stinks, it shrivels you, it is expensive. Yet, we still do it.

Stopping smoking is quite obviously not about the reasons why we SHOULDN’T smoke. Otherwise, this would be enough.

Stopping smoking has to be about the reasons we DO smoke and why we CONTINUE to do so DESPITE the risks.

Not about the reasons why we should STOP.

This is EXACTLY what we are going to deal with in the groundbreaking 'Successfully Stop System,' so you too can say 'Sayonara' to cigarettes and the chances of dying in a way you won't really like.

This switch in thinking is what makes this system so unique and the reason why it has helped 96.2% of Successfully Stop Members quit smoking easily and almost instantlywithout pain or weight gain and without looking back!

“My name is Ray and before I discovered your program I had smoked two packs a day for around 30 years.

The reason I had never been able to quit in the past was a overwhelming fear of how bad my withdrawal symptoms would be and I was going to struggle with this for the rest of my life - once a smoker, always a smoker etc.

Your program helped me to realise this was all a pack of lies we have been fed for years by those who rely on us smoking to support their extravagant lifestyles. As it turns out, quitting smoking was actually one of the easiest things I have ever had to do.

I thank you so much for opening up my eyes and for the gift of life you have given me."

Ray Santiago
Bend, Oregon, USA

When I Came to This 'EUREKA' Moment in My Life...

it was like the windows flew open & a fresh breeze (pardon the pun) blew through.

I crushed out my last fag that wonderful day 2 years ago after 15 years of smoking & I know I’ll NEVER touch them again. I could mind, but I won't as the desire to do so has COMPLETELY left me.

Best of all, it was so easy, I barely noticed the achievement. It was like cigarettes just meant nothing to me anymore. I felt completely indifferent to their existence.

Two years later and I now know if this system could work for me, someone who spent their formative years smoking and didn't know what to do or how to be without a cigarette, then it could work for ANYBODY.

Yes, even YOU.

I now almost want 20 years to pass so I can say “See, I did it. I told you it was forever. I told you this really was it.”

Today, I enjoy an ash free environment. I have a fresh smelling home, same for my clothes and car, my taste and smell are something that has to be experienced to be believed. Instead of it getting harder to stay stopped as time goes on, my resolution to stay quit has INCREASED over the months.

It is a massive weight off my shoulders to know I never have to jam one of those stinky butts in my mouth ever again and I’m now free from the need to inhale carcinogenic fumes into my soft pink lung tissue EVER again.

“But HOW! I hear you cry, “What is this magic that takes away all cravings and feeling of loss? HOW do I replace this with sense of empowerment in the knowledge I am free from the possibility of being the one in three smokers who will die in a way they won't like much?”

All the Answers are Only a Few Clicks Away, Because Now I Have Made This Amazing System Available To You.

If You are Looking to Quit with No Physical Cravings, NoHunger or Feelings of Loss, No Weight Gain or Other Stressful Side Effects Whatsoever, Then This is the System for You!


The Successfully Stop Smoking System!

The Successfully Stop System has been proven to have a 96.2% quit rate for Successfully Stop members!

This system was the ONLY method that worked for me, a chronic smoker who puffed morning, noon and (middle of the) night. Someone who didn't know what to do with themselves or who to be without smoking.

So if you have triedeverything to quit smoking, if you have come to the end of your tether andnothing is working for you, if you are upset and angry you have been duped into parting with your hard earned cash time and time again, you have finally reached the end of the line.

If you have discovered this information before you have spent an absolute fortune on NRT, pills potions, courses and quackery you can thank your lucky stars you can benefit from this information without the pain, weight gain and deep sense of loss felt by most ex-smokers.

And the best thing is, you can get your hands on it IMMEDIATELY as a digital download, which you can start reading within minutes on your computer or even print yourself!

No waiting for it to arrive in the post, no paying for postage, it can be all yours RIGHT NOW!

Even if it is 2am on a Sunday morning, you will be reading this valuable information as soon as your transaction is complete!

But you don't have to take my word for it...

“Before I found your program, I dreaded quitting so much. Every time I had quit in the past I felt like I had just lost my best friend and my life was never going to be the same again. I was so sad and lost I have ever only gone 2-3 weeks before I quit quitting and gleefully went back to cigarettes, smoking twice as many to make up for being away from each other.

So while I was skeptical your program could help me overcome this, I decided to give it a try despite my misgivings. It took a couple of reads to overcome years of brainwashing that made me believe that smoking was smoking I needed to 'give up' and I was 'missing out' on something everyone was 'allowed' to partake in but me.

Your program helped me to be honest with myself for the first time... ever.

I don't want to end up one of those annoying ex-smokers who go all anti-smoking on their friends, but now I have seen cigarettes and the people who have lied to me for so long for what they are, I actually hate them and everything they stand for. I find the smell absolutely abhorrent - a small miracle for me. I will never share these thoughts with anyone but you, and I thank you for helping me to see this."

Tracy Grace
Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA.

“I kind of had the fact I was quitting decided for me when I found out my wife of 2 years had fallen pregnant with our first child. We were both long term smokers and have a very cold winter, so needless to say we both smoked inside.

With us being newly pregnant, we both needed to quit due to the effects smoking inside has on your unborn baby. With smoking outside out of the question without building an extension, we both needed to quit, and fast.

After scouring the internet I (happily) dicovered your program and had downloaded within minutes. I know this sounds like some sort of miracle, but within two hours we had gotten rid of every piece of smoking paraphenalia in the house and burnt our remaining cigarettes.

3 weeks later are taking it day by day. We have said to ourselves we can start again if we want to after the baby is born, but I really doubt we both will. It helps with tricking our brain into thinking we can smoke if want to, like you discuss in chapter three.

Thanks so much for putting your book out there to benefit others."

Trevor Fox
Duncan, Vancouver Island, Canada

“All my life I have always been an active, sporty person who enjoys jogging, squash and getting out there amongst it with friends and family, kicking the ball around and joining in with backyard cricket whenever I can.

A few weeks ago I went out fishing with my daughter and her friend. We had to climb a hill to get to our favourite spot. For the first time in my life I began to get puffed and start wheezing on a gentle incline and this worried me intensely. I didn't want to admit to myself I was participating less and less in activies I enjoyed because I wasn't able to keep up any more. I was starting to feel extremely old even though I am only 36.

A month ago, a close friend of the family died of cancer. Even though it was not smoking related, to watch her fight so hard to live while I was gave my life away to cigarettes made me feel unimaginable guilt. I knew the time had come for me to quit smoking finally and get my fitness back. This was the first time I have tried to quit and I don't know what everyone is talking about, I will never know the hardships of quitting and it is all thanks to you. For this I will be eternally grateful."

Samantha Summers
Kambah, Canberra, ACT, Australia

And as they say, the proof is in the pudding. These people are super happy. Just like you'll be.

I know what you are thinking (just as I would be around about now) and that is: So, how much is this going to cost me?

Well, let me ask you a question. How much do you think it has cost you over the years to be a smoker? Let me give you an idea of the MONETARY value:

Packs Per Day

Cost Per Day

Cost Per Week

Cost Per Month

Cost Per Year



















Not to mention how much it costs you to quit using NRT, pills, potions or sprays:

Zero Nicotine suggest you use their patches for six months: $239.95

2 Month supply of Nicocure: Usually $239.95

3 Months supply Nicotine gum: $378.00

4 - 8 hour seminars: $450 - $1000

And how about the non-monetary benefits:

Clean smelling clothes, hair, home and car: Priceless

White teeth and fresh breath : Priceless

An end to cigarettes sucking every drop of moisture from your system, destroying your collagen, drying you out and leaving you looking YEARS older than you are: Priceless

19 extra years of life: Priceless

If you could afford $50 to experience the easiest, quickest, cheapest and most pain free method you will ever discover to break free from nicotine, would you pay this for another chance at life?

Would you pay $200, or even $300 to say 'sayonara' to cigarettes, without pain or weight gain or experiencing any feelings of hunger or loss?

Well there's no way I am going to ask for $300, or $200 or even $50. The truth is, I want this to be available to everybody.

So I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Order The Successfully Stop System for $197.00 $97 just $47.

Yes, you read that right.

I should be selling it for $197.00, I really should because The Successfully Stop System actually WORKS, unlike other courses, NRT, hypnotherapy or other useless potions, patches, sprays or pills you may buy. And then to top it all off after you purchase these useless remedies, you are left to fend for yourself after you order, without the extensive backup system and support you get from the community here at The Successfully Stop System.

And the difference with this is, you can get your money back if you are not happy.

Yet, everything I have mentioned can be all yours within MINUTES for just $47!

But this incredibly low price cannot last.

It's only going to take a few more members contributing to this website and it could well be the most valuable resource on the internet. Any day now I will definitely be putting the price up to $47 per month, so get in quick and spend a whole lot less money!

And just as soon as you complete your order you can be reading. No ifs, ands or buts. My automated system means you have immediate access and within just ONE HOUR, you will have a totally new outlook and a strength to fight your monkey, in a way you never dreamed possible.

And that's about as fair as it gets, don't you think?

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, I'm going to throw in something that will make this the best investment you will ever make.

I'm going to give you some FREE bonuses that are literally worth more (in money terms) than The Successfully Stop System itself!

Simply grab your copy of "The Successfully Stop System" right now, and here's what I'll throw in:

Completely Free Bonus #1(Priceless)

You will immediately become a member of this website which includes a community of people just like you, who discuss and share their quit smoking experiences. You can immediatelybecome a member!

Please Note: This is not some barely disguised scam to rope you into a recurring billing, this is actually FREE for a limited time, for life. Nothing more to pay, ever!

Everyone who has ever got my book is available to you to contact and communicate with with their own personal success storiesimmediately on entering the members area.

Studies have shown smokers are far more likely to succeed with a support system, so that is exactly what the Successfully Stop System offers you. I am proud of my success rate, and I will do everything it takes to help you quit, with up to the minute support and guidance, 24 hours a day!

In a way this is even MORE valuable than the book because it is always growing with new members to talk to who know what you are going through, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

The free membership to the website is for a strictly limited time, as I can only handle giving personal help to so many people. Any day now this is will have to have a charge of $47 per month put on it.

You will not find a backup system like this anywhere else online, so be in quick before the doors are closed to this valuable resource forever!

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How to turn your body into a fat burning machine, where you burn ONLY fat for fuel and never lean muscle.

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The one thing you must do to boost metabolism. Miss this step and all your diet and nutrition efforts will be in vain.

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