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The Truth About Quit Smoking. Simple Steps To Catapult Your Success As An Ex-Smoker.

Instant Strategies Anyone Can Use To Sink Your Addiction And Shut You From Those Nasty Cancer Sticks For Good.

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Ever wondered how some smokers can quit with tremendous ease, yet other's struggle year after year? Are you frustrated with your smoking habits and wish that there really was a simple way to go about it all?

Welcome to Quit Yesterday, and glad to have you stop by.

The one thing that I've based my life so seriously on is "Nature's Way". I'm the last person you'll find that pops pills to get better. If ever I come down with the flu, I resort to drinking huge amounts of liquids and taking vitamin C.

And I've kept this same philosophy in mind when I was formulating a simple and effective way to easily quit smoking.

And that's why I've been adamant to follow the below rules from the very start.

1.You won't need to take nicotine patches, gums, nasal sprays or inhalers. In fact, these methods are pure baloney.
2.You won't need acupuncture or any weird herbal concoctions.
3.You won't need to go to a doctor, getting some very expensive, potentially dangerous prescriptions. Avoid suffering unknown and known side effects with these medicines.

So how would you like to AVOID the feeling of terror and anxiety attacks when quitting, and instead enjoy the process?

Well, then keep reading.

It All Began With A Son's
Love To Help His Parents

After watching both my parents smoke the most part of their lives, I knew it was time to help them quit. They couldn't do it alone and were addicted in a big way.

It hurt me to see their health slowly erode away.

I also knew dad was lazy when it came to trying new methods. Mum and dad had tried other methods to quit, but unfortunately without success.

After 6 weeks of comparing the pro's and con's of quit smoking products out there and bouncing ideas off both parents, I finally came up with a rough action plan. It was time to try my new found arsenal against smoking.

Thankfully mum and dad were willing to be my first so called, "guinea pigs".

And the rest was history. Finally, we had a winner and I had figured out in a simple way what other's saw as difficult.

this method was simply INGENIOUS.”

Quit Smoking Became A Walk In The Park.

To see my parents quit smoking for good meant that I could look forward to many more years hanging out with them in their old age. And my own children have the benefit of getting to know them more.

Other family members have tried it, friends have tried it, and before I knew it, I found myself repeating my technique over and over again like a parrot.

So finally I put together this amazing strategy in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow training course for other eager beaver's.

And in a nutshell... that's how Quit Yesterday was born.

Grab This Truly Impressive Technique

The beauty of Quit Yesterday is that you can now save yourself the expense, trouble and hassle of going to an acupuncturist, using hypnosis, or wondering if anything is ever going to work.

blue pointerYou can start it right now.
blue pointerYou can see your results very very quickly.
blue pointerYou don't have to worry about any side effects.
blue pointerYou won't need to take any dangerous medicines.

Forget going through search engines in your bid to find an easy method to quit. Forget about seeing your doctor and paying a bunch of money. It's time to just get on with kicking your habit once and for all.

So You Need To Get The Full Story

The fact of the matter is this.

There are literally dozens of quit smoking techniques out there on the market, and it sure can be confusing which one to go with.

To be honest, they pretty much can all help you quit to a certain extent, but not without a price. And I'm not talking just about a dollar price here, but more about the negative impacts to your health.

The Quit Smoking Market Is
Flooded With Lemons And Ineffective Methods

There are a lot of methods under the sun that help you quit smoking. Acupuncture, nicotine patches, gums, hypnosis, nasal sprays, herbal concoctions and so on.

Well, here's something you may not know...

The Majority Of These Methods
Can Leave You A Total Wreck

Smokers feel this all the time, and there's no need hiding the fact. That's why it's such an uphill battle to quit.

I know how you're feeling right now.

checkbox blue
You can't imagine life without cigarettes.
checkbox blueYou're scared you'll no longer be able to enjoy a meal again without lighting up afterwards.
checkbox blueYou're concerned you'll no longer enjoy your morning coffee without a cigarette.
checkbox blueYou're worried that you wont get through another phone call in a cool manner without holding that cigarette in hand.
checkbox blueYou're fearful that you wont enjoy social occasions again.

Well, there's no need to suffer this torment, anguish and agony that other ex-smokers do.

There's no need to fear lighting up another cigarette again.

And Did You Know That Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Products Are The Worst Of The Bunch?

Nicotine patches, gums, sprays, prescription drugs blah blah blah - these are not your best choice. In fact, you should really keep away from them like the plague.

Let Me Prove These Lies.

The U.S. Surgeon General's website states, that "nicotine patches - available over-the-counter... will more or less double your chances of quitting and quitting for good."

The U.K.'s Department of Health website pretty much says the same thing, "effective treatment that doubles rates for people giving up."

But wait, don't the above statements praise nicotine patches?

Ok, now for the real story. It's more effective to quit smoking by yourselfwithout nicotine patches than it is to use them. Scary, I know... but true.

Let me repeat this once more.

It's more effective to quit smoking by yourself without nicotine patches than it is to use them.

Simply said...

Nicotine Patches Don't Work

Need proof? See what I've dug up from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. I've highlighted part of the results that proves OTC (over-the-counter) nicotine patches are a complete waste of time.

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA. hays.taylor@mayo.edu

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy and safety of the nicotine patch for smoking cessation in an over-the-counter environment. The years of study were 1994 to 1995.

METHODS: Parallel 6-week trials were conducted: a placebo-controlled trial of no-cost 22-mg, 24-hour nicotine patch therapy and an open label trial of the same therapy with patches purchased by subjects. Participants (n = 958) were 18 years or older, had smoked at least 15 cigarettes daily for at least 6 months, and were enrolled at 3 study sites. The main outcome measure was self-reported smoking abstinence confirmed by expired carbon monoxide measurements.

RESULTS: Smoking cessation rates in the placebo-controlled trial were 16.8% and 9.6% at week 6 and 8.7% and 4.3% at week 24 for the active patch and placebo groups, respectively. Smoking cessation rates in the open label-pay trial were 19.0% and 10.8% at weeks 6 and 24, respectively. A slight increase in adverse cardiovascular events was noted only in the open label-pay group in comparison with the placebo group.

CONCLUSIONS: In an over-the-counter environment, the 22-mg, 24-hour nicotine patch is effective and safe for smoking cessation treatment.

So you can see for yourself that whether or not you use nicotine patches, the results will pretty much be the same.

In all fairness to the U.S. Surgeon General, the U.K.'s Department of Health and other non-profit organizations and marketer's of OTC nicotine patches, I invite you to email me your test results showing otherwise and I will post the results for my clients to see.

Basically, here's the low-down on nicotine patches and what they do for you:

checkboxLead to insomnia and nightmares due to nicotine absorption into your body. Just ask any doctor.
checkboxCause skin rashes.
checkboxAnd are a complete waste of your money.

Just ask yourself:

How can you cure an addiction to a drug (in this case, nicotine), by taking the same drug that you're addicted to? It's absolute nonsense.

And I Can Go On Forever
About The Stuff That Doesn't Work

But do you want to hear this? Probably not. If you're anything like my parents, you'll just want to charge ahead, cut through the fluff, and use what works.

Save yourself the the hassle, the dangers and doubtful effectiveness of other quit smoking techniques.

I know a lot of books also go on about willpower and how you need this to kick your habit, but this doesn't work either.

So What Does Work?

Let me be bold enough to say CORE DESIRE. I know I could be biased because that's what I've come to call my quit smoking program. But hear me out on this.

You need to know why Core Desire works and the strategies behind it.

After getting this simple and fascinating understanding alone, you'll probably find within days that you no longer need willpower, nicotine patches, medication and other methods to quit and stay quit.

red pointerAnd you won't go through the dreaded (in your mind)withdrawal symptoms that the nicotine replacement market is built upon.

All you need to do is...

Eliminate The "In Your Head" Reasons
WHY You Smoke To Stay Smoke Free.

And that's the whole purpose behind Core Desire.

When you know the reasons why you smoke, then you just need to remove these reasons. If you have no reason to smoke, then you'll no longer find the desire to continue.

Basically, you continue to smoke because:

  1. It relaxes you.
  2. It relieves stress.
  3. It helps you concentrate.
  4. It relieves boredom.

Now just suppose smoking did none of these things. In fact, smoking:

  1. Impeded relaxation.
  2. Impeded stress relief.
  3. Impeded concentration.
  4. Did nothing to relieve boredom.

Now you have 4 additional reasons to quit smoking and not a single reason to carry on.

Core Desire will show you how to implement this powerful technique so that you can go smoke free without the pain and agony typically experienced by quit smoking programs.

A Proven Formula That Works

Core Desire catapults your success to quit smoking by removing your underlying problem. By removing your:

blue pointerNicotine Addiction
blue pointerFear

Let's take a closer look at the first part of this formula.

Eliminating Your Nicotine Addiction.

Any quit smoking program that does not spearhead the attack on your nicotine addiction - well, you should just run away from.

Whilst nicotine patches attempt to wean you off nicotine, they clearly do not work based on the above trial undertaken by the Mayo Clinic.

There's no doubt that without the addictive properties of nicotine, you would simply not light up again.

If I give you a cigarette with NO nicotine in it, you'll probably lose interest in smoking that stick within a few hours. I've seen many nicotine-free cigarettes come and go. The concept is cool, but clearly they don't work.

If you haven't smoked for a few hours, you'll likely start to feel restless, unsettled, anxious or unable to concentrate. It's your addiction to nicotine that causes these feelings. You then reach for a cigarette to calm your feelings.

Now calming your feelings is a huge reason why you smoke - and these feelings are caused by your nicotine addiction. So it only made sense to build Core Desire around the sly properties of nicotine addiction in mind.

The next part of my formula is...

Eliminating Your Fear.

There's a huge psychological barrier preventing you to easily quit smoking. This will be addressed and overcome in order for you to successfully quit with ease.

Part of overcoming your fear is realizing that:

  • You CAN live your life without cigarettes.
  • You CAN enjoy that morning coffee without cigarettes.
  • You CAN enjoy social occasions without cigarettes.

Millions of non-smokers enjoy life without cigarettes. Hundreds of my clients go onto being ex-smokers without missing cigarettes one bit.

And the hidden bonus of this is, without missing smoking one bit, you don't risk the chance of relapse and lighting up again.

There's no point quitting if after six months or so, you relapse and light up again.

The NRT market has thrived on the hope that their customers relapse and start smoking again. That way they're guaranteed repeat business.

They aren't interested in helping you quit for good. They only want you to quit temporarily so that you become a smoker again and continue to use their product.

So This Time It's Different

Without Nicotine Addiction and Fear,
You Can Easily Quit Smoking.

It's as simple as that.

I hope by now you can see why Core Desire works. Based on this simple formula, you can lock away your smoking habit for good.

It's not an overly complicated method, nor one that is just so hard to follow that it creates a living nightmare for you.

The beauty of Core Desire is that it slashes away your nicotine addiction and locks away your smoking habit for good. No need for relapses or stressing that you'll light up again. Once you quit with Core Desire, that's it.

A Painless Method To
Abandon Your Smoking Fears

Core Desire is not about making you suffer in order to quit smoking. It's not about patches, gums or herbal remedies.

It's about removing the reasons why you smoke.

It's simply a wickedly effective method that crushes your smoking habits. Even raw rookies will get their end result.

So let me ask you this.

arrow blueWHAT IF quit smoking could be enjoyable?
arrow blueWHAT IF you can just breeze through the process of kicking this habit?
arrow blueWHAT IF you can quit without withdrawal pangs and feel even better than before?

Would you be interested if the above held true?

Core Desire is about getting inside your head, mixing with things (just a little) so that you actually don't want to smoke again.

The bottom line is this:

It's A Cinch To Quit Smoking When
You No Longer Enjoy That Cigarette.

About 25% of the adult population is still smoking, and this figure is falling each year.

If millions of others can quit smoking (although they do it the hard way), then don't you think you can too?

BUT DON'T WORRY, you will do it the easy and pain free way. In fact, I even suggest you continue to smoke whilst using my tactic. That way you won't have any pressure and can enjoy the process of quitting. How's that for a deal?

Here's what you will learn...

arrow red
The correct way to wean off cigarettes... (This trick alone will shave off sleepless nights.)
arrow redHow to control addiction from scratch. (So controllable that even a pack of cigarette's sitting on your bench top wont persuade you.)
arrow redEnjoy the process of quitting. (Without weight gain, deprivation and stress).
arrow redThe simple little tip that automatically removes the fear of quitting. (My dad had this mastered from day one.)
arrow redHow to overcome the weakness of your ability to get through even a little bit of tempatation.

My CORE DESIRE TRAINING COURSE is delivered to you daily over a period of 3 weeks.

Each day a new chunk is unlocked from within your member's area.

Most eager beaver's miss out on the proper and most effective way to quit.

Core Desire is a simple fix too good to be true. So let's get started.

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